Guests of Honor


Paul Bielaczyc, Artist Guest of Honor

p bielaczyc 150PAUL BIELACZYC resides in Nashville, TN, where he co-owns Aradani Studios with his brother Mike and sister Sara.

Aradani Studios focuses on two unique aspects, fantastical artwork and fantastical costuming. The brothers are both deeply involved with the creation of art and the production of prosthetics. While Paul has been drawing and sketching for as long as he can remember, he wouldn't be an artist today if it weren't for his brother's dream. Paul's work has been featured in such popular gaming properties and publications as DragonLance, Apex Digest, White Wolf, Masters of Fantasy Vol 3, and Margaret Weis Productions. Paul has won numerous awards from small conventions over the years, as well as "Best Monochrome Unpublished" for his piece "Nightmare" in 2005 and "Best Action" with Masters of Fantasy.