aidana willowravenAidana WillowRaven, mother of three, was trained in Fine Art, Studio Design and Animation at Norfolk State and Old Dominion universities.

bill tracerBill M. Tracer, VP of ACE non-profit Inc., has 2 Bachelor's Degrees in Art Ed/Art History & Computer Science.

2014 Kelly LaPlanteArt Major at APSU in CLarksville, TN. With a passion and talent for jewelry making and sculpture as well as photography. Kelly has been a freelance photographer for more than 20 years throughout New England and Tennessee.

2014 Loren Damewood

Started tying intricate knots at age ten, got a little carried away... someone suggested using precious metal, back in 1980, and I taught myself how to do that. Now I make jewelry and teach others how to do it.

2014 Melissa Gay

michael bielaczycMichael Bielaczyc has been making art his whole life.

2014 Mitch FoustMitch

paul bielaczycPAUL BIELACZYC resides in Nashville, TN.

Sara BielaczycSara Bielaczyc has been working in clay since high school, but her true passion for pottery started during her second year in college.