2015 Chris Haley

2015 Chris HaleyChris Haley is the co-creator of the long running webcomic "Let's Be Friends Again" and the "Comics, Everybody!" feature at ComicsAlliance.

Mathenia 2015 D'Anthony Mathenia is a writer and comic book creator.

Walker 2015 David F. Walker is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker, and author of the YA series The Adventures of Darius Logan.

Zachary 2015After earning a Graphic Design degree, Dean spent several years as a Commercial Artist for ad agencies. 

Cravens 2015

Greg Cravens, syndicated comic strip cartoonist, graduate of University of Memphis, Member of the National Cartoonist Society since 2002. Career Cartoonist from the Memphis area since 1991.

20131130235438 photoJames Weakley teaches English as a Second Language for Shelby County Schools. He spends his free time tutoring, reading scifi, writing, edit manuscripts, and exploring graphic novels.

Plock 2015Hailing from Columbus, Georgia Josh Plock has found a way to transform his passions into something constructive.

Wood 2015 Keith has done a little bit of everything, from dumpster cleaning to door-to-door sales.

Williams 2015 Kelly Williams is the artist on many comic projects including, The Cabinet, Metaphase, Ego Tripp and upcoming series yet to be announced.

Cathey 2015 Larry Cathey Graduated from The University of Memphis in 1993 with a Degree in Communication & Fine Arts.

lin 2015


Artist seeks fame and fortune by drawing funny!

Easterling 2015Lonnie Easterling is the creator of Spud Comics, a single panel web and newspaper comic strip.

20131125184556 nw picNicki is the creator of, a blog dedicated to comics, video games and geek pop culture.

Eroom 2015An avid anime, comic, and science fiction enthusiast, Siri has been a panelist at cons such as Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention and Anime Blues Con.

Mason 2015 Sophia Mason has been a student and artist in Memphis for the last eight years, participating and gaining awards in various exhibitions and contests across the city and state at the student level.

Bondurant 2015Tom Bondurant writes the DC Comics-focused Grumpy Old Fan column, appearing every Thursday afternoon on Robot 6, a blog of the Comic Book Resources website.